Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is a physical method of measuring relation between mass of charged particles (ions) an their charge. It is used to define molecular mass of a compound, studying its structure, identification of substances and quantitative analysis. Currently mass spectrometry is the most demanded and sensitive method for analysis of compounds of different nature, while mass spectrometers themselves are indispensable tools of modern laboratory, used for both daily measurements and researches.

Our company is the official Ukrainian distributor of AB SCIEX company – a world-famous manufacturer of systems of mass spectrometry, which possess unrivalled speed and sensitivity for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

AB SCIEX systems of mass spectrometry became a perfect solution for:

  • Laboratories of pharmaceutical enterprises: For both daily measurements for quality control and specialists occupied with development of medicaments, studying their pharmacokinetics, metabolism
  • Testing of food, water and drinks for presence of pollutants, remnants of veterinary medicaments and other contaminants
  • forensic examination
  • clinical research and diagnostics
  • analysis of environment objects for presence of pollutants
  • And SCIEX manufactured X500B model was developed specifically for facilitation and acceleration of standard working measurements and determination of properties in this field of research.

Our specialists will help you to select a system that will satisfy requirements of your laboratory, increase its efficiency and capacity.

Systems of mass spectrometry

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Sets of reagents

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